what are you waiting for?

TrueParallel offers a dynamic office environment with an energy that you won’t find in most offices outside of Silicon Valley. Yet, here we are in Raleigh, North Carolina — walking distance to Cameron Village and a stone’s throw from downtown. We offer free parking, free catered lunch every Wednesday, and great benefits. Plus, you get to say you work here. Come on, what are you waiting for?

The Big Kahuna Conference Room.
This is where the big ideas are born. Every wall is a whiteboard. Every screen is ready for a takeover. And if this one’s busy — we have another one, too.

Every Wednesday, enjoy lunch on us.
We share big ideas together for our customers — and the tab is always on us. Amazing how food motivates the team.

Get Parallel.
You’ll know you’re here as soon as you walk in our door. We’re on the third floor. Stop by anytime.

Our people are the best in Raleigh.
And we’re pretty sure that includes you. Want to join us?

Dogs welcome.
The mailman, UPS guy and FedEx dude are safe – the office dogs don’t bite. But, they will clean up after lunch.

Our in-office cafe seats about 16.
The coffee flows, plenty of snacks, and lots of food fights. Just kidding. But happy hour can get a little rowdy at times.

Comfy scrum areas. Relaxing couches for informal meetings.
Home Sweet Home.

Our kitchen has enough appliances to cook a Thanksgiving dinner. Or you can cook us lunch anytime.
You’re all invited.

Ruff. Ruff. Ruff. What you don’t speak dog?
We’re hiring.
Come join us.