Finding unique ways to engage consumers is a continuous challenge for many businesses today, as consumer engagement is now such a big part of the brand experience. When you are a consumer packaged goods company, the competition is fierce. Finding new ways to fight for your share of voice takes a bit of perseverance and creativity. Recently, we were fortunate to team up with House-Autry to launch a program that gave consumers some ‘great’ reasons to engage with the brand— The Great Chicken Challenge.

The Great Chicken Challenge was an engaging promotion that proved to be a memorable experience for all those involved – from the teams creating the promotions to the chefs reviewing the recipes to, of course, the most important people in the whole process, the participating consumers. Actually, the fun is not over. You can still be a part of the Challenge. But hold on to your knife and fork, we’ll get to that later.


The Great Campaign

We created a campaign focused around finding the best chicken recipes in America. Consumers submitted chicken recipes that did not necessarily contain House-Autry ingredients. “What?! A promotion for House-Autry and no requirement for their products in the recipes?” you say. Yep, that is exactly what we did, and it wasn’t just “the best recipe wins” kind of challenge. That is too easy and everyone does that. Once submitted, recipes were reviewed and selected by expert chefs for a Southern style transformation. You know, a little bit of that soulful flavor everyone loves, the kind of Southern flare House-Autry is all about. If selected, the participant was immediately awarded a $100 gift card and our chefs began the transformation process, using House-Autry ingredients to publish and share a unique twist on the recipe for all to enjoy.



Recipe For Giving

At the culmination of the Great Chicken Challenge, a digital cookbook was created that boasts some of the best recipe submissions, as well as the transformed recipes. Not only does the cookbook showcase some of the tastiest chicken recipes in the country, it’s free when a $5 donation is made to an organization near and dear to House-Autry, Military Missions in Action (MMIA). MMIA is a non-profit committed to providing assistance to veterans and active duty service men and women. You got it, some of the best chicken recipes in America compiled into a Great Chicken Challenge cookbook for a $5 donation to help America’s service men and women. Who would not want that cookbook and to help our military service men and women?


Sounds Awesome, Right? It Was.

While working tirelessly, knowing we were helping to contribute to veterans and current members of the military, we thoroughly enjoyed interacting with consumers, getting an up-close and personal understanding of the passion Southern cooks put into preparing meals for friends and family. I recall one woman who submitted a recipe that did contain House-Autry Seafood Breader. In the instructions she said, “It’s so good, it’ll make you wanna slap yo momma.” If this woman would slap her own momma, the recipe must be good! She wasn’t lying; it was a crowd and chef favorite. I guess Dad better watch out too!

The Great Chicken Challenge was considered a big success as the company saw increases in its social following, audience reach and engagement. OK! OK! You can now get that knife and fork ready…


I Want A Recipe Book And To Donate To Military Missions In Action (MMIA)

The digital cookbook is now available for a $5 donation to the Military Missions in Action. It contains 24 recipes from the Great Chicken Challenge, including my favorite, the “Southern Mediterranean Chicken with Minted Grits.” You gotta try it. One $5 donation and you have the opportunity to help out MMIA and enjoy the Great Chicken Challenge recipe book for many years to come. Happy Eating!