When design engages your customers, it’s good. Really good.

Exceptional design genuinely reflects the human, emotional, or aspirational characteristics of your customers. Design should speak the language of your customers and a heightened customer experience, reflecting the unique tone and voice of your brand.

Whether the intent is to learn about your company, find product information, get customer service, or buy from you, exceptional design is often the moment of truth between your brand, the customer experience, and a lasting impression.

We have applied our diverse industry experience and tenacious design curiosity for billion-dollar brands and exciting, groundbreaking start-ups. Our design capabilities include:

  • Creative campaign development
  • Custom digital experiences
  • Mobile apps and web applications
  • Branding and corporate identity
  • Digital advertising and landing pages
  • Online tracking and measurement tools
  • Video, Motion Graphics, AR/VR
  • Infographics, articles, and how-to guides
  • Digital, print, and social
  • Technical and PR Writing
  • Packaging and in-store experiences
  • Media and advertising

It’s not our work.
It’s work for our client’s customers.

Great work is a reflection of genuine collaboration with our clients. We are proud and appreciative of the work we do on behalf of our clients and to be able to impact the experience they have with their customers.

Introduced a new brand that was the first to extend an adjustable mattress from traditional air beds to foam and spring. The goal was to build awareness and to move customers along in the decision process for improving their sleep experience all from an app we also designed and delivered.

We designed and developed an app that allows users to manually control comfort levels in their bed or to determine settings with the automated bedMatch process. The app also tracks and measures sleep through the integration of IoT technology.

As one of the nations leading property management companies, their web presence had to be more than just an informational vehicle. It had to clearly position their brand as an established, experienced enterprise that rivals the competitors. We did just that.

Specializing in light construction equipment for specialty trades, Bay Equipment needed an identity that reflect its diverse service offering while also projecting strength and a superior service mentality.

The Center for Innovation Management Studies at NC State University has pioneered the concept that innovation can be taught and learned. Developing a web presence was one part of a bigger picture that includes an online application for measuring innovation maturity.

As an innovator and leader in air bed technology and products, we helped distinctively establish the Instant Comfort brand with a new web experience and make a splash in Las Vegas at the annual furniture show. Working with our teams, management is sleeping better these days.

Forty-five days after delivering a comprehensive Brand CX strategy, existing web content, design, page structure and user experience was realigned and streamlined to better resonate with primary audience segments, thus increasing engagement and lead generation.

The Sell Smart app provides management and sales teams with a tool that fuels productivity and accountability and has significantly improved sales performance. The app uses GPS and custom web services to push all data to an online dashboard for real-time tracking of sales activity, KPI’s and reporting.

As one of the nation’s largest building products company, every digital execution is a critical brand experience. We work with Ply Gem to create digital assets that stand out and resonate with a tough audience – large retailers, home builders and contractors.

When you provide an exceptional dining experience, you also sell a large volume of gift cards. We designed and built a comprehensive gift card e-commerce experience, management portal and custom APIs that integrates order processsing, fulfillment and financial systems.

The Breakfast of Champions is an annual event for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wake County and critical to their fund raising efforts. We created an “Amazing” campaign that reinforced the impact every dollar has with club programs.

We found a compelling and engaging way to express the features of quality Ply Gem windows by using 3D design and an integrated AR application that elevated the customer experience for consumers and within the channel.

A comprehensive digital ad program was created, designed, and delivered in strategic US markets to communicate the leading cause of dry eye symptoms, sending traffic directly to local practices who can deliver treatment. We saw consistent performance increases with meticulous monitoring and optimization.

Getting the attention of leading Ear, Nose and Throat surgeons can be a tough task. In parallel with an ad that promoted the benefits of their latest surgical laser technology, we also created an advertorial that told the compelling story of how a leading surgeon used Lumenis technology to solve a real-life challenge for a patient whose answers to having a clear airway seemed impossible at the time.

The Boys and Girls Club of Wake Country does amazing work and helps thousands of kids in the local community. Thus, they deserve an annual report that visually reflects their success, the quality of their programs, and the vibrancy of the organization and its many volunteers.

Taking an eighty year old company and modernizing its brand must be carefully executed. We preserved the legacy of the brand while propeling the brand into the future. Through a series of workshops and research, we developed a new brand identity and standards that translated across key lines of business.

We created a distinct identity for a company that specializes in developing and manufacturing innovative catheter products, all made in America. The identity was developed as part of a bigger effort to establish a separate business unit and grow sales in a specialized market.

We designed and delivered an iOS and Android app for a mattress that allows consumers to control their comfort and to control their adjustable base so they can sleep easier every night. Not only did we design and build the app to integrate with air bed technology, but also assisted with firmware updates.

When this leader in therapeutic skin care product was launching their new line of products, they needed assistance getting key marketing deliverables to the finish line. Deadlines seemed right around the corner, but we delivered flawlessly on-time and on-budget.

Dry eye has been known as a disease that was caused by lack of tear production until it was discovered that the root cause is due to blocked oil glands in the eyelids. We took a complex subject and made it easy to understand, educating patients on a new way to see dry eye.

When a global leader for laser surgical technology is looking to increase sales with accomplished medical professionals and hospitals, the offer has to be delivered with creative clarity and messaging that moves them to act.  We designed and wrote a series of marketing materials to support highly targeted sales initiatives.

Car sales is a highly competitive business and digital marketing can be a serious weapon if interactions are planned, orchestrated, executed and optimized in high-performing media channels. We created a program that is consistently driving sales and that means more customers are driving new cars.

Blood shortages are common with blood banks across America and compelling communities to act is often a daunting task. We created a branded theme for the Summer Blood Drive that increased participation and made giving blood a relatable, fun summer activity.

As a leader in medical devices for those with communication challenges as a result of suffering a stroke, customer experience is critical. We delivered a Brand CX™ strategy, developed messaging and modeled interactions that is evolving digital communications and interactions across all channels.

When opportunity knocks, sometimes you have to move fast, especially if it means preserving your relationship with one of the nation’s largest retailers. We improved the in-store experience for selling siding products, delivering the new design in 5 days and helping to secure the business relationship.

Capturing the attention of a loyal HGTV audience is no easy task but for this national window manufacturer, we created a 15 second pre-roll video that was one of the highest performing ad executions in a series of online initiatives.