What if someone told you that there is a secret tap of free information about your clients, website and business available at your fingertips. Well, there is and it’s not so secret. Google Analytics can provide great insight into what works and what doesn’t about your website and business. Here are a few Google Analytics reports that we recommend checking out:

Audience Location

Do you know where the majority of your website visitors live? Your regional audience may be important to you. Find out if you are getting the correct regional audience by visiting the demographic reporting in Google Analytics. If you are getting traffic from other states or countries that don’t pertain to your business you may want to consider doing some localized SEO. 

Traffic Sources

Keeping track of your top traffic sources helps you to stay focused on the channels that pay off for your business. If you find certain referral websites drive conversions you should consider putting more efforts into building that relationship, or finding similar websites to partner with. 


Setting up goals will keep track of conversions that happen on your website. Not only does it track the amount, but it will show you information about where the visitors came from that converted on your website. This can be especially helpful because it can show you which referral websites drive ideal traffic and where to focus your efforts. 

Visitor Flow

Where do people go once they land on your website? Are they following a path that you prefer? It’s important to know the popular visitor flow through your website. You might just uncover a successful path that drives more conversions than others. Knowing this type of information can help you pick and choose pages to promote from your homepage. 

Exit Pages  

Where do visitors frequently exit your website? In most cases, it’s a good thing if the most common places for exit are your checkout confirmation pages, contact us confirmation pages, etc… The worst places for top exit pages would be your homepage or call-to-action pages. Finding out your top exit pages can help you improve these pages and get people to stay on the website, or convert better when on your website. 

We didn’t go into great depth about each of these reports, but you can easily find additional information in Google Analytics Help: https://support.google.com/analytics/?hl=en. These reports will help you turn your website into a powerful marketing tool for your business. If you have any questions about these reports, or building an SEO program for your business contact TrueParallel today!