New heights of creativity with Interaction Marketing

Interaction Marketing ensures greater focus and precision when applying creative thought processes to planning and designing customer interactions and marketing deliverables. Interaction Marketing integrates customer experience strategy, brand, user experience, and messaging and maps interactions to every customer touchpoint.

An Interaction Marketing approach is the purest form of planning through the eyes of your customers. Our goal is to create a platform for designing and building marketing interactions to increase engagement and sales and to deepen customer relationships.

We take into consideration desired customer outcomes with deliberate design around what they want to hear, not what you want to tell them. This includes:

  • Application of a Brand CX™ approach
  • Messaging guide by audience segment
  • Modeling marketing interactions
  • UX design (web, apps, digital applications)
  • Content strategy, design and development
  • Prioritization of marketing initiatives
  • Public relations/Corporate communications
  • Media planning and social content
  • Technology application planning
  • Performance tracking and optimization
  • Program and project management
  • Insource/outsource planning

Transform traditional marketing plans into a series of planned interactions.

Modeling marketing interactions

Modeling marketing interactions removes inside-out assumptions about what marketing vehicles and tactics are employed. It inspires an outside-in, customer-focused approach that captures the intent and purpose of every interaction at key touchpoints.

Modeling marketing interactions emboldens organizational adoption with clearly defined marketing initiatives that galvanize content, creative, and design imperatives. It allows for scale and for brings focus to revenue accelerating opportunities.

Building An Interaction Marketing Plan

Whether video, press announcement, digital ad, landing page, web content, mobile app, or any form of communication used at a customer touchpoint, all are integrated into a unified plan for improving customer experience outcomes.

We effectively transform marketing plans into customer interaction plans to increase spend efficiency and customer engagement.

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