Of All Our Marketing and Web Development Clients, We Were the Toughest


Of all the marketing and web development clients that we have worked with over the years, we finally met our match. Ourselves. It was with the recent launch of the new TrueParallel website that we suffered through some of the same trials and tribulations that our clients must experience when working with us on their own projects. The experience was liberating in so many ways I think we all tend to take for granted.

We put ourselves through out own branding workshop. We painstakingly reviewed our competitors and what they do on the web. We took ourselves through an information architecture exercise and explored various design approaches. Writing content was a process in itself, just like it is for our clients. Finally, we juggled production with our existing workload to get our site built, QA’d and launched within self-imposed deadlines. We were one of the toughest clients we have ever had but the end result was worth every bit of the pain.


What we learned is a lesson that all should heed. Putting out great work takes time, serious thought and a bit of pain. With a renewed fervor grounded in a heightened desire to significantly grow our business, to be markedly different and to reflect our own voice and individuality, we gained a greater client perspective.


What Did We Do to Realize the Vision of Our Website?


  • We spoke our mind. You won’t find a lot of the same old marketing fluff like on our competitor’s websites, but rather a straightforward, genuine voice.
  • Almost every company in our space displays a big portfolio of work. We felt that was an exercise of self-indulgence. We believe that for the kind of clients we have and want, they only expect quality work from the partner they seek. We integrated our work as part of the web experience.
  • If we did not perform at a high level and consistently deliver we would not attract the quality clients we have. We figure the company we keep speaks for itself, so we treated our client listing that way.
  • Most in our line of work situate their sites around the services they offer and how they are much better than others. We took a simple position – We believe we are better than the majority of firms out there today so we wanted to portray a true sense of who we are and what it is like to work with us.
  • We focused on creating a unique user experience that reflected our brand personality and differentiated us from our peers. When a client or prospect looks at our site, we want them to say: “That is who I want to work with”. We think we did just that.


Creating a website, marketing program, launching a new product or service or building technology applications or mobile apps for your business is always an individual effort. It is not a cookie cutter process. While we use competitive insight and draw from our experience and instincts, at the end of the day, we dare to be different. Remember that quality, compelling, effective work takes time and effort from exceptional individuals. When launching trueparallel.com, we were reminded that quality takes time and that we have exceptional individuals. That made us one tough client and we hope to have many more just like us.