We’re a growing a brand of curious individuals and talented thinkers, who aren’t afraid to color outside the lines.

It means something to be one of the Parallel People. It’s a special culture that’s changing the face of our business. It’s an undeniable commitment to listening and finding parallels with every relationship, moving markets and astute consumers. And it marks an era of significant growth and major cultural shift for TrueParallel.

Differentiating a Brand of People

Parallel people are a culmination of years of trial and error, incredible successes, creative magic and diving head first into our digital society. It’s a recipe that is made up of a distinctive brand of people — a proud mix of strategists, creatives, marketers and technologists — who are aligned with each other and with our clients towards a common goal. Sound trite? Well, it’s not. You see, we believe a fundamental key to success has become buried in today’s fast-paced, digital society where access to information and resources is unprecedented. It’s not about being cool or making verbose claims. It’s simple. It’s about the value of relationships and a commitment to be better. A dedication to push ideas further, and not be jaded by the claims and enormous mounds of information surrounding us today.

When we push ideas further, it is a given that there may not always be agreement on how to reach the destination. But we’re always aligned in the end. An innate recognition of our client needs and, more importantly, their customers’ needs is essential. If we’re not on that parallel, we can’t be successful. It is why Parallel People are not “yes” people. Our approach is to think like our clients’ customers and balance a keen understanding of market dynamics. Then, and only then, do we make strategic recommendations and present ideas to push an approach further about how we will achieve our clients’ goals.

Being a Parallel person requires bold and adventurous thinking to take clients on a journey — to change their business, engage their customers and, sometimes move entire markets — to a different, or new parallel.

Building A New Culture

We’re building a work culture where strategy is a true reality and competencies excel. This intangible, parallel ecosystem is redefining who we are. Through hard work, a few mistakes and some big wins, our vision is clear and fueled by four shared values. We’re boundlessly creative, purposely rebellious, tenaciously curious and deeply empathetic. The age-old adage says: “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” It’s true. Without culture, strategy is lip service.

So, take a minute and pause. What is your organization’s culture? Is it aligned with your brand? You may wonder, how does culture impact marketing? When workplace culture manifests in a set of values that are embraced, transformation begins. We’re in the midst of transformation where real change is taking place, each and every day. This represents significant change for our company but change that is necessary for exponential growth. We love working with Parallel People and we know you will, too.

We’re looking for Parallel people to join our team and for clients who appreciate working with Parallel People. We’re building a business that our competition will revere and envy. We’re not there yet, but stay tuned, as we’re well on our way.

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