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Elevating Customer Experience

The Power of Brand CX™

Customer experience (CX) is where most companies are turning their focus in today’s highly digital marketplace. Why? Because every customer interaction counts. Thus, a deep understanding CX strategy, processes and implementation is essential. But, customer experience strategy alone is not enough to move the needle. It must be combined with elements of brand strategy that allows you to model customer interactions and create messaging that is aligned with every customer segment and every customer touchpoint.

We have developed a methodology that allows for fast deployment of a CX strategy that results in identification of immediate and long-term actions. It’s called Brand CX™ – it brings an outside-in perspective to customer interactions and provides a foundation for moving your organization to a Brand CX culture and an interaction marketing powerhouse.

Most importantly, we don’t believe burying your company and teams in mounds of paper and beautiful diagrams. We believe in creating actionable initiatives grounded in principles of CX and brand. So, whether you’re a multi-national with offices around the world or a small product company, collaboratively, our Brand CX consulting services will make a difference in the future of your company.

If you want to talk Brand CX strategy, call Mark Rosenberg at 919-412-7378 or drop us note.

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Brand CX  STRATEGY workshops are immersive, sessions that are customized around getting to the heart of how to define and map customer interactions and ensure brand alignment.  We explore the elements of brand that are essential to creating a sound CX strategy and model interactions for each customer segment. We determine where and when research can make a difference and where your own experience and expertise is essential.

Brand CX  workshops are all deliberately planned around meeting your customer’s objectives centered on their needs and how the want to interact with you – not how you “think” best to interact with them.

We are consummate customer advocates. Workshops are often predicated by customer research or questionnaires that fuel a series of exercises that are fun, productive, engaging and revealing. The output provides the foundation for ensuring alignment with your business and your customers.

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