Transform customer experience with Brand CX™ strategy

A Brand CX™ approach ensures every customer interaction embodies the characteristics of each audience segment and the distinct voice of your brand. We help you develop a Brand CX™ strategy within 90 days that provides you with a long-term road map with “bite-sized,” immediately actionable initiatives.

We combine CX strategy, audience segmentation, and elements of brand to align marketing interactions and messaging to every customer segment at all key touchpoints. Carefully planned customer interviews bring an outside-in perspective to customer interactions and provide the insight necessary to become an Interaction Marketing powerhouse.

Brand CX™ is an immersive process that can include:

  • Custom Brand CX™ workshops
  • Audience segmentation
  • One-on-one customer interviews
  • Audit of marketing channels
  • Internal surveys and interviews
  • Customer interaction mapping
  • Messaging and brand alignment
  • Sales cycle touch point mapping
  • Immediately actionable initiatives
  • Brand CX™ strategy definition
  • Organizational adoption plan
  • Brand CX™ roadmap

Brand CX™: Improve the customer experience and embrace your brand

Whether you’re a multi-national company with offices around the world or a small products company, collaboratively our Brand CX™ consulting services will ensure your messaging resonates with your customers and compels them to interact with your brand.

Brand CX™ Workshops

Brand CX™ workshops are customized to best fit the challenges of your brand, your audience segments, and your customer experience goals.

Workshops can be half-day or full-day sessions or divided into a series of mini-workshops. Our goal is to design a workshop that is most effective for ensuring actionable outcomes to meet your customer experience objectives.

Together, we determine the Brand CX™ workshop approach and the immersive exercises that will ignite collaborative input from your teams. This sets the foundation for designing your Brand CX™ strategy.

Brand CX™ strategy is immediately actionable and provides a long-term roadmap

Customer Experience is an ever-evolving process along dynamic customer journeys that may begin in one communication channel and end in another. It is not about the number of channels, rather it’s about a unified communication approach made up of a series of planned, purposeful interactions.