your team leaders

Great people know how to get the work done so you don’t have to worry. Once our clients get to know our team, they discover a relationship with meaning that goes well beyond the work itself.

Let’s get to work

John Stephenson
Chief Creative Officer

Creatively off the scale. A one-man band on stage. Once moved to Japan for 3 months — just to try the sushi.

Mark Rosenberg

Strategy and creativity flows from Mark like water from a spigot and the man thinks fast on his feet. Music runs in his blood, just ask “Alexa”.

Tassy Pankow
Sr. Account Manager

Drawing the strengths of our teams together to produce jaw dropping results for our clients. Talks shop in three languages. Raleigh concierge.

Sebastian Scharoba
Technology Manager

Brings order to the creative chaos with innovative technical solutions. Closet gear head and car freak who loves everything fast and loud.

Andrea Batey
Account Director

Organizational olympic gold medalist. Data driven, insatiably curious and fueled by any flavor of LaCroix water she can get her hands on.

Bryson Currier
Graphic Designer

Design that challenges your idea of perfection down to the smallest detail. Her creative brain never turns off. Then the other Bryson – the one that welds sculptures and curates a jungle of house plants.

Once COVID is over…

We found our dream office manager. And then COVID. Stay tuned to meet Carmen. She rocks.

Eugene Nikitin
Sr. Developer

A technology genius with amazing skills who can juggle multiple platforms and code his way out of anything. Talk about jumping through hoops – you should see his trampoline skills.

Igor Rolinskiy
Sr. Android Developer

Knows Android development like it’s in the palm of his hands, or for that matter, your customer’s hands. Rare technical creativity comes to life when playing lead in his Von Trapp family band.

Alex Borshchenko
Sr. iOS Developer

iOS development skills that go beyond the interface. Connects experiences to IoT devices and data visualization. A gamer at heart with a super power that keeps him awake 24-7.

Office Pup

Adorable and curious. Like the rest of the team.