As I close the door to my hotel room and head to the elevator, I descend into the 24-hour buzz that is Vegas. I start to awake, despite having just gone to sleep a few, short hours prior. It’s 6:00 AM. The slot machines are still ringing their alarming, yet seductive melody as the late-night stragglers hang on to their luck from the evening before. For me, it sounds like another day at the office…at least this particular week.


Despite the minimal sleep, my mind hasn’t stopped turning since my arrival three days ago, and I am once again off to the our client’s showroom space at the Las Vegas Furniture Market. This is where we put the past four months of long hours and extensive troubleshooting of a dynamic bed measurement app to the test…and I couldn’t be more excited.


Project Management Rolls Into Vegas

As a project manager, I become very close to every small detail that contributes to the success of a project, but this one, in particular, redefined what that means. We built an app that brings sleep science and technology to the retail experience. Our client developed groundbreaking measurement technology — a capability that is integrated into a mattress specifically used as a diagnostic tool in retail stores across America. We had the privilege to, develop the app that integrates with this diagnostic tool to capture consumer data through a full-featured app that connects to the bed through Bluetooth. It recommends mattresses to consumers based on measurements taken while a retail customer lies on a Smart bed, ensuring the optimal postural support for his/her unique body type.


From design to development, I was alongside our team making sure that every hour of our work aligned with the goals of our client. Unveiling this new app at the Las Vegas Furniture Market presented me with the opportunity to step away from the close inner-workings of the project and see just how impactful the app experience is on the retail floor. It is easy to get caught up in the behind-the-scenes details of a project (what can I say? I am detail-oriented) and lose sight of the big picture — how a piece of technology will exist in the marketplace, in the life of its users. But, as I have learned, the ability to visualize the big picture leads to big wins.


A Winning Team

Achieving a big win is not possible without a high-performing team. It was a few long Las Vegas days of real-time improvements — collecting feedback from actual measurement sessions and fixing bugs along the way. However, we were able to move beyond all things tech and fully immerse ourselves in the actual retail experience, the brand, the sales goals, the consumer interaction. At that moment, we, as our client’s partner, became an invaluable member of their team, joining forces to deliver a quality app and quality customer experience.


Accompanying our client to their biggest sales opportunity of the year provided me with priceless insight as a project manager. I was able to take first-hand retail experience back to our team, to connect the dots between the completion of each small task and the significance to the user, turning a project from a budgeted line item into a high-value investment.


While most visit Vegas for the buzz, a roll of the dice and the exhilarating nightlife, this visit brought a different form of excitement to the table: The thrill of seeing hard work and real-time feedback pay off; the inspiration of two collective teams— a marketing technology agency and its client— combining efforts to achieve truly ambitious goals. Not to say it was all work and no play. We did have some time for fun and games, and we sure as hell walked away winners – just not the way most do when visiting Vegas. Want to know more about building a winning team for your next project? Here’s your lucky number: 919-747-4992.