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What It’s Like To Work With Us

We will challenge your thinking

Working with us is encapsulated in the individuality of our people. Each team member is uniquely qualified and is a seasoned marketing and technology professional. We covet honest, straightforward participation which is evident everyday and with every client.

When you work with us, we challenge your thinking as much as we challenge our own. We are not “yes people”. We are on a never-ending quest to find answers that will impact your business.

We are passionate about user experience, brand evolution, technology and effective marketing. We are energized by the discovery of new products and services that are life-changing, move markets and increase revenue.

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  • Mark Rosenberg President

    Be so good they can’t ignore you.

     Steve Martin


  • Sebastian Scharoba Technology Manager

    It is not the language that makes programs appear simple. It is the programmer that make the language appear simple!

    – Robert C. Martin


  • Tassy Pankow Account Manager

    The difference between ordinary and extra ordinary is that little extra.

    -Jimmy Johnson


  • Steven Keith Chief Strategist

    How perfectly “damned” delightful it is to be sure.

    -R. Crumb


  • Eugene Nikitin Sr. .NET Developer

    Everything you can imagine is real.

    – Pablo Picasso


  • Alex Borshchenko iOS Developer

    The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

    – Albert Einstein


  • Igor Rolinsky Sr. Android Developer

    When nothing goes right…. go left.

    – Anonymous


  • Jessie Topper Digital Marketing Strategist

    The best place to hide a body is page 2 of Google search results.

    – Anonymous


We love and embrace marketing, digital solutions and technology and it shows when you hire us as your marketing technology partner.

Our office is located on Oberlin Road in the Cameron Village area of Raleigh, NC.