moving photography and captivating video, all cooked up right here in the TrueParallel kitchen.

we like to Mickey Mouse with animation from time to time.

Dry eyes are not comfortable — even to talk about. So we created a character to bring the subject to life for our client Johnson & Johnson with an approachable new mascot for dry eyes.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

motion graphics are expensive and take forever. well, we have a solution for that, too.

We have Jedi skills and ninja trickery to bring your ideas to life, beautifully. Get way more for way less than you ever thought possible.

“start up” doesn’t have to mean “appear small.” we increase the perception of our clients on a daily basis.

So what — you’re a start up? Stop acting like one, and let us whip your photo assets into shape. In just a day or so, we can build an asset library that your competitors would kill for.

stock photography is okay. if you like sharing images with your competitors.

Your CEO just asked for a photo to demonstrate every retailer you service. Good luck with that. Stock photography often comes up short — and that’s where we step up to the plate. Beautifully.

sure, maybe we changed road signs all over Orlando for our client. or maybe we’re just that good.

For their annual trades how, CalStar Products needed to catch the architects attention with their sustainable carbon message. So we stopped them in the road.

on location is the best location.

We’ve got the gear to capture the moment — from any attitude — and any altitude.

if you listen, you can almost hear the music playing.

They say a picture tells a thousand words. But that’s an understatement. The right image evokes feelings, smells and yes, even sounds. In this shot, the band Delta Rae got a little help from their friends at a show in Raleigh — and we were there to catch the moment beautifully.

one window. forty-ish colors. oh and we need it three 3 days.

With days to go before the annual trade show, we prepared an engaging method to showcase our client’s color story. The result? Well, that’s confidential.

your headshot is your curb appeal.

We’re capturing the essence of “real” people daily. Our clients use our headshots for annual reports, press releases, and Christmas cards. We don’t judge.

your product is ready for it’s close up. and we’re packed and ready to go.

We’ve shot products of all kinds, but one thing is consistent — we make your product the hero. In a world with an insatiable hunger for content, we’re feeding the beast with fresh finds with our own staff photographers daily.

let’s put a face on your business.

So often, when we kick off a branding project, it’s immediately clear that our client has an abundance of equipment, plants, products and structures. But people buy from people. People are engaging. People are awesome. Let us help put a face on your business.

Jedi mind tricks? we can feature your new app before you’ve even been funded.

Do we have a time machine? Maybe. But more importantly, we know how to bring video, technology and some mad skills together to showcase your new web or app before our nerds write the first line of code..

we’ve got serious in-house talent. we’re ready. give us a call. 919.747.4991